Friday, 30 March 2012


1, We have bought more food than was necessary for the party. NEED

We __________________________ so much food for the party.

2, Perhaps they rented the flat.  MAY

They ___________________________ the flat.

3, I don’t think the Rogers have been living here long.  BEEN

The Rogers _____________________________ here long.

4, It’s prohibited to take dogs into the restaurant.  NOT

You ____________________________ into the restaurant.

5, It wasn’t necessary for Jim to accept the offer.  HAVE

Jim __________________________________ the offer.

6, It isn’t necessary to dust the furniture. I’ll do it later.  NEED

You _________________________ the furniture. I’ll do it later.

7, Perhaps they had left before you called.  HAVE

They ___________________________ before you called.

8. I’m sure Alan wasn’t driving carelessly.  BEEN

Alan ________________________________ carelessly.

9, I’m sure she is considering your offer.  BE

She ________________________________ your offer.

10, It isn’t necessary to cut the grass. It’s still quite short.  HAVE

You _______________________ the grass. It’s quite short

11, Why don’t you go to Canada for a holiday?  COULD

You _____________________________ for a holiday.

12, Shall I get you a cup of tea?  ME

Would ________________________ you a cup of tea?

13, Sue will p[probably go to see her aunt.  IS

Sue ________________________________ to see her aunt.

14, It would be a good idea to change your hairstyle. BETTER

You _______________________________ your hairstyle.

 15, Why didn’t anybody warn me about the strike?  HAVE

You ______________________________about the strike.

16, Let’s go to the cinema.  GOING

What ______________________________the cinema.

17, May I read your newspaper?  MIND

Would _______________________________your newspaper?

18, She is likely to fail her exams.  THAT

It is ________________________________her exams.

19, I’m sure he didn’t send you this letter.  SENT

He ___________________________________ this letter.

20, I’m sure he is seeing Ruth.  BE

He ______________________________________ Ruth.


1, Needn’t have bought
2, may have rented
3, can’t have been living
4, must not take dogs
5, didn’t have to accept
6, need not dust
7, may have left
8. can’t have been driving
9, must be considering
10, don’t have to cut
11, could go to Canada
12, you like me to get
13, is likely to go
14, had better change
15, should have warned me
16, about going to
17, you mind if I read
18, likely that she will fail
19, can’t have sent you
20, must be seeing

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