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For questions 31 – 40, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. There is an example at the beginning (0).


0 They published this book in England.CAME

This book …..came from…. England.

31.- Can you understand what this paper means?SENSE

Can you ……………………………  this paper?

32.- It wasn’t necessary to meet me at the airport yesterday.NEEDN’T

You ……………………… me at the airport yesterday.

33.-It was unkind of you to talk to her like that.NOT

You ……………………………… to her like that.

34.-I saw the film although I strongly dislike thrillers. SPITE

I saw the film in …………………… of thrillers.

35.-It’s not possible to play tennis because of the rain.MAKES

The rain ……………………………….  to play tennis.

36.-I’ve never tasted such good food before.EVER

It is the ………………….. tasted.

37.-Do your parents allow you to watch TV late at night?LET

Do your parents ……………………. TV late at night?

38.-”Did you write a note for Anna?” I asked my mother.SHE

I asked my mother ………………………. a note for Anna.

39.-He gave me the money first, and then he left.AFTER

He left …………………………………….. the money.

40.-I don’t find it difficult to get up early any more.USED

I ………………………………………. up early.


31.- …make sense of…… this paper?

32.- ……needn’t have met… me at the airport yesterday.

33.- …should not have talked… to her like that.

34.-…spite of my strong dislike… of thrillers.

35.- ……makes it impossible…. to play tennis.

36.-…best food I’ve ever.. tasted.

37.- …let you watch…. TV late at night?

38.- …whether/if she had written…. a note for Anna.

39.-……after he had given me/after giving me….. the money.
40.- ……am used to getting…. up early


 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first using between two and five words including the word given.

1. I hate it when people interrupt me when I’m working. STAND

I _________________________________________ me when I’m working.

2. It worries me that I’ll arrive late for the rehearsal. TIME

I’m worried about not __________________________________ for the rehearsal.

3. At school I found it impossible to remember mathematical formulae. GOOD

At school I was _________________________________ mathematical formulae.

4. I’ve told John I’ll meet him outside the pub. ARRANGED

I ___________________________________________ outside the pub.

5. They didn’t have enough money to go on holiday last year. AFFORD

They _________________________________________ on holiday last year.

6. My nephew lost his job six months ago. UNEMPLOYED

My nephew ______________________________________ six months.

7. Having peeled the carrots, he added them to the stew. WHEN

He added the carrots to the stew _______________________________ them.

8. I last saw Sonia a week ago. SINCE

I have __________________________________ week.

9. After locking the door of her office, she left. UNTIL

She didn’t _________________________________________ the door of her office.

10. I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for a long time. AGES

It _____________________________________________ enjoyed myself so much.

11. She felt excited and nervous when she arrived at the station. ARRIVAL

Apart from _____________________________________ at the station, she also felt nervous.

12. It wasn’t difficult to book the tickets online, which surprised me. SURPRISINGLY

It was ___________________________________ book the tickets online.

13. I was really looking forward to getting back to school. WAIT

I _____________________________________________ back to school.

14. Joanne recovered from her grief eventually. TOOK

It __________________________________________ to recover from her grief.

15. I was tired but otherwise none the worse for the experience. FEELING

Apart _______________________________________ , I was none the worse for the experience.

16. News International bought Myspace in 2003. TAKEN

In 2007, Myspace _________________________________ News International.


 1. can’t stand people interrupting

2. arriving on time

3. no good at remembering

4. have arranged to meet John

5. couldn’t afford to go

6. has been unemployed for

7. when he had peeled

8. not seen Sonia since last

9. leave until she had locked

10. is ages since I (have)

11. feeling excited on (her) arrival

12. surprisingly easy to

13. couldn’t wait to get

14. took Joanne some / a long time

15. from feeling tired

16. was taken over by


Complete the second sentence so it has a similar meaning to the first using between two and five words including the word given.

14. Swimming in that lake is dangerous. SAFE

It ____________________________________ in that lake.

15. Although he’s ninety, he still lives on his own. DESPITE

He still lives on his own ________________________________ ninety.

16. I can’t understand why he is so fascinated by celebrities . FASCINATION

I can’t understand ______________________________ celebrities.

17. They have spent a lot of time and effort on renovating their premises. DEAL

A ___________________________________ time and effort has been spent on renovating their premises.

18. Lorries are banned from the city centre. BAN

There is ___________________________________ in the city centre.

19. Everyone contributes to global warming. CONTRIBUTION

Everyone ______________________________________ global warming.

20. I have no sympathy for people who complain about tax rises. SYMPATHISE

I ________________________________________ people who complain about tax rises.

21. Some people don’t seem able to change their behavior. INCAPABLE

Some people seem to _________________________________ their behavior.

22. Switching off your computer at night can save you 20% on your energy bill. RESULT

Switching off your television at night can ____________________________________ 20% on your energy bill.

23. The environment can be negatively affected by factory farming. EFFECT

Factory farming can _________________________________ the environment.

24. People are angry about plans to build a new incinerator. ANGER

There ________________________________ plans to build a new incinerator.

25. If I’m not doing something useful, I feel I’m wasting my time. UNLESS

I feel I’m wasting my time ______________________________ something useful.

26. You will be instructed on how to use the program. GIVEN

You ______________________________________ on how to use the program.

27. We’re arranged for our dishwasher to be repaired next week. HAVING

We _______________________________________ next week.

28. Tourists in Japan come from many different countries. OVER

Tourists in Japan come from _________________________ world.


 14. isn’t safe to swim

15. despite being

16. his fascination with

17. good / great deal of

18. a ban on lorries

19. makes a contribution to

20. don’t sympathise with

21. be incapable of changing

22. result in a saving of / result in (you/your) saving

23. have a negative effect on
24. is (public) anger over / abo


Complete the second sentence so it has a similar meaning to the first using between two and five words including the word given.

1. They arrested Rooney because he had vandalized a telephone box. VANDALISING

Rooney ________________________________________ a telephone box.

2. Luka said he was successful because of his ambition. OWED

Luka said ______________________________________ his ambition.

3. I’m almost sure Steve heard what I said. HAVE

Steve __________________________________ what I said.

4. Maybe Ted didn’t want to see the film. NOT

Ted ___________________________ to see the film.

5. Elderly people need to keep busy. THE

It’s important ________________________ busy.

6. The concert was very popular so they’re going to put it on again. SUCH

It _________________________________ that they’re going to put it on again.

7. I didn’t answer the doorbell because I didn’t know it was you. HAD

If I _____________________________________ I would have answered the doorbell.

8. Sam regrets losing his temper with his girlfriend. WISHES

Sam ________________________________ his temper with his girlfriend.

9. You are interrupting me! It gets on my nerves! WISH

I _______________________________ me! It gets on my nerves!

10. I really think we should leave now or we’ll be late. WE

It’s time _______________________ or we’ll be late.

11. I’d prefer you not to tell Jack about this. RATHER

I’d ____________________________________ Jack about this.

12. I haven’t got enough money to go on holiday this year, unfortunately. AFFORD

I wish _______________________________ on holiday this year.

13. I regret telling Joe about the argument. ONLY

If ______________________________________ Joe about the argument.

1. was arrested for vandalizing
2. he owed his success to
3. must have heard
4. may not / might not have wanted
5. for the elderly to keep / that the elderly keep
6. was such a popular concert
7. had known it was you
8 wishes he hadn’t lost
9. wish you wouldn’t interrupt / keep interrupting
10. we left
11. rather you didn’t tell
12. I could afford to go
13. only I hadn’t told


1, We have bought more food than was necessary for the party. NEED

We __________________________ so much food for the party.

2, Perhaps they rented the flat.  MAY

They ___________________________ the flat.

3, I don’t think the Rogers have been living here long.  BEEN

The Rogers _____________________________ here long.

4, It’s prohibited to take dogs into the restaurant.  NOT

You ____________________________ into the restaurant.

5, It wasn’t necessary for Jim to accept the offer.  HAVE

Jim __________________________________ the offer.

6, It isn’t necessary to dust the furniture. I’ll do it later.  NEED

You _________________________ the furniture. I’ll do it later.

7, Perhaps they had left before you called.  HAVE

They ___________________________ before you called.

8. I’m sure Alan wasn’t driving carelessly.  BEEN

Alan ________________________________ carelessly.

9, I’m sure she is considering your offer.  BE

She ________________________________ your offer.

10, It isn’t necessary to cut the grass. It’s still quite short.  HAVE

You _______________________ the grass. It’s quite short

11, Why don’t you go to Canada for a holiday?  COULD

You _____________________________ for a holiday.

12, Shall I get you a cup of tea?  ME

Would ________________________ you a cup of tea?

13, Sue will p[probably go to see her aunt.  IS

Sue ________________________________ to see her aunt.

14, It would be a good idea to change your hairstyle. BETTER

You _______________________________ your hairstyle.

 15, Why didn’t anybody warn me about the strike?  HAVE

You ______________________________about the strike.

16, Let’s go to the cinema.  GOING

What ______________________________the cinema.

17, May I read your newspaper?  MIND

Would _______________________________your newspaper?

18, She is likely to fail her exams.  THAT

It is ________________________________her exams.

19, I’m sure he didn’t send you this letter.  SENT

He ___________________________________ this letter.

20, I’m sure he is seeing Ruth.  BE

He ______________________________________ Ruth.


1, Needn’t have bought
2, may have rented
3, can’t have been living
4, must not take dogs
5, didn’t have to accept
6, need not dust
7, may have left
8. can’t have been driving
9, must be considering
10, don’t have to cut
11, could go to Canada
12, you like me to get
13, is likely to go
14, had better change
15, should have warned me
16, about going to
17, you mind if I read
18, likely that she will fail
19, can’t have sent you
20, must be seeing

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The joy of genealogy and family history

1. For Susan Easton Black, genealogy is like a(n) ______________________.
2. According to the second person on screen, genealogy has fulfilled his life and has become a(n) ______________________.
3. Susan Easton Black wanted to know the reason why her distant relatives had ______________________.
4. She found all the information about the Owens family when her father found _______________________.
5. Charlotte had to go to ______________________ to get to know the names of some of her husband’s ancestors. She found out that her husband’s ancestor had been a sail_______________________.
6. Sherry wanted to find information about her ______________________.
7. Sherry phoned her father to tell him she had found an article on his _____________________.
8. It took 25 years for Carin to find a picture of Jacob Schell’s _____________________.
9. David Lifferth’s websites provide a great number of ______________________ and ____________________.
10 Some of David Lifferth’s relatives fought in…
11. David Lifferth has had a distant relative who was _____________________’s scribe.
12. puts all the information online for a world to _____________________.
13. It is the ______________________ that physically ties us to another human being.
14. According to Harvey, we should save the human family by understanding ______________________ we are.


10. THE CIVIL WAR / WW1 / WW2.
13. NAVEL.



1. Don`t ……… the cost of hotel accommodation when you plan your next holiday. (ESTIMATE)

2. A dishonest waiter tried to ……… us for our meal. (CHARGE)

3. Take an umbrella when you go in autumn as it is usually………. (RAIN)

4. There are ………people in most of the world`s big cities nowadays. (HOME)

5. The safari park was a bit of a ………as there were too few animals. (APPOINTMENT)

6. It`s very ……… to go climbing without a helmet. (RESPONSSIBLE)

7. He is a fantastic swimmer but he is ………at diving. (HOPE)

8. That man was very ………when he ran to help the drowning boy without thinking of his own safety. (COURAGE)

9. It was such a ………day that we couldn`t go out all day. (FOG)

10. It`s not …………to go swimming after a heavy meal. (SENSE)

11. She is not very………about the idea of an adventure holiday. (ENTHUSIASM)

12. I count on your ………. . I`ll be ready in a minute. (PATIENT)

13. The climber broke his leg and was ………of walking without help. (CAPABLE)

14. Explorers like Christopher Columbus had great …….of character. (STRONG)

15. I would feel………If I had to do a bungy jumping. (TERRIFY)


Answer highlight here:

1.    underestimate

2.    overcharge

3.    rainy

4.    homeless

5.    disappointment

6.    irresponsible

7.    hopeless

8.    courageous

9.    foggy

10. sensible

11. enthusiastic

12. patience

13. incapable

14. strength

15. terrified