Friday, 30 March 2012


Complete the second sentence so it has a similar meaning to the first using between two and five words including the word given.

1. They arrested Rooney because he had vandalized a telephone box. VANDALISING

Rooney ________________________________________ a telephone box.

2. Luka said he was successful because of his ambition. OWED

Luka said ______________________________________ his ambition.

3. I’m almost sure Steve heard what I said. HAVE

Steve __________________________________ what I said.

4. Maybe Ted didn’t want to see the film. NOT

Ted ___________________________ to see the film.

5. Elderly people need to keep busy. THE

It’s important ________________________ busy.

6. The concert was very popular so they’re going to put it on again. SUCH

It _________________________________ that they’re going to put it on again.

7. I didn’t answer the doorbell because I didn’t know it was you. HAD

If I _____________________________________ I would have answered the doorbell.

8. Sam regrets losing his temper with his girlfriend. WISHES

Sam ________________________________ his temper with his girlfriend.

9. You are interrupting me! It gets on my nerves! WISH

I _______________________________ me! It gets on my nerves!

10. I really think we should leave now or we’ll be late. WE

It’s time _______________________ or we’ll be late.

11. I’d prefer you not to tell Jack about this. RATHER

I’d ____________________________________ Jack about this.

12. I haven’t got enough money to go on holiday this year, unfortunately. AFFORD

I wish _______________________________ on holiday this year.

13. I regret telling Joe about the argument. ONLY

If ______________________________________ Joe about the argument.

1. was arrested for vandalizing
2. he owed his success to
3. must have heard
4. may not / might not have wanted
5. for the elderly to keep / that the elderly keep
6. was such a popular concert
7. had known it was you
8 wishes he hadn’t lost
9. wish you wouldn’t interrupt / keep interrupting
10. we left
11. rather you didn’t tell
12. I could afford to go
13. only I hadn’t told

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