Monday, 29 March 2010


Read the text below. Use the words on the right to form a word (a noun, adjective or adverb) that fits in the blank space in the same line. The first word is already done for you. Then check the correct answers.

Computers have had the ABILITY to play chess for many years now, ABLE

and their ____ in games against the best players in the world has PERFORM

Shown steady ____. However, it will be years before the designers IMPROVE

of computer games machines can beat their ____ challenge yet BIG

the ancient board game called Go. The playing area is _____larger CONSIDERABLE

than in chess, there are more pieces, and the ____of moves is COMBINE

almost ____. The game involves planning so many moves ahead END

that even the ____ calculations of the fastest modern computers IMPRESS

are ____ to deal with the many problems of the game. In a recent SUFFICIENT

____ for computer Go machines, the best machine beat all its COMPETE

computer rivals, but lost ____to three young schoolchildren, so HEAVY

there is obviously still a lot of work to do !!

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