Friday, 26 March 2010


The verb to wish+ SIMPLE PAST= when we want to talk about situations/states in the present that we are not happy about but cannot change:

• I wish I had more money (=but I haven't)
• He wishes he was hardworking (= but he's not)
• We wish we could come to your party (but we can't)

The verb to wish+ PAST PERFECT= When we want to talk about situations in the past that we are not happy about or actions that we regret:

• I wish I hadn't said that (= but I did)
• He wishes he hadn't bought the car (= but he did buy it.)
• I wish I had taken that job in Brighton (= but I didn't, so I'm stuck in Valencia)


When we want to talk about ACTIONS (not states) we are not happy about and where we want someone else to change them.That is, to express impatience, annoyance or dissatisfaction with a present action:

• I wish he would stop smoking. (= I don't like it, I want him to change it)
• I wish you would go away. (= I don't want you here, I want you to take some action)
• I wish you wouldn't leave the window open when the heatin is on! (= I want you to change your habits.)



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