Friday, 19 March 2010

FCE: Speaking part 2

Interlocutor: Now, I'd like each of you to talk on your own for about a minute.

I'm going to give each of you two different photographs and I'd like you to talk about them. (Candidate A), here are your two photographs. They show families spending time together.

Please let (Candidate B) see them.

(Candidate B), I'll give you your photographs in a minute.

(Candidate A), I'd like you to compare and contrast these photographs, and say how important you think it is for families to spend time together.

Remember, you have only about a minute for this, so don't worry if I interrupt you. All right?

Candidate A (1 minute).....................................................

Interlocutor: Thank you. [Retrieve photographs.]

(Candidate B), do you think family occasions are always enjoyable?

Candidate B (20 seconds).......................................................

Interlocutor: Thank you.


  1. Josep Victori Hernández Duch14 November 2010 at 15:31

    The first photo shows a big family. It looks as if they are having a good time. On the left of the photo there is a refrigerator. They seem to be cooking in the kitchen of a house. They could be in a hot country because they are wearing T-shirts and there is a girl wearing shorts. In the second photo the family is smaller than in the first photo. They seem to be walking through a park. It looks as if they are having a good time because they are together. It might be autumn because they are wearing overcoats and there are brown leafs on the ground. For families is very important to spent time together. If the family doesn’t spent time together, the parents will separate and the sons will hate their parents. To spent time together cost much effort but finally the reward is bigger because the family will be happy.

  2. In the first picture we can appreciate a great number of people, just cooking lunch and having some fun in group, they seem to be from South America and they wear very light clothes, so maybe it's summer or the climate is so good.

    In the second photo we can see that people in it are wearing heavier clothes and as we can see it seems to be Winter or even Autumm, they seem very lovely and are spending time with family as in the first photo, they all seem to be very happy and afectionate


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