Sunday, 21 March 2010

FCE: Speaking Part 2.5

Compare and contrast the photos and say how the people are feeling.


  1. in the photo number one,we can see a banquet,in front of the ojective we can see a grooms,this banquet will be celebrate this married and the grooms of this photo are very happy. In phto numbertwo, we can see a hospital room, in a bed, we can see a doctor will examined to the pacient, the pacien is a older woman,probably a grondmother. if see this face, we can look that older woman is happy, probably because doctor is very good doctor.

    aitor alexandre pallares gurrea

  2. In the foreground of the photo we can see a man a a woman, both young who are looking at the camera. They look as if they have already get married and they are in the bancuage. They look very happy. In the background we can see lots of people, perhaps they are the guests of the weeding, having fun and shouting.
    In the other photo we can see two women,in what it seems to be the room of a hospital. The old woman who is in bed, although she might be ill he seems to be very happy and grateful because of the good attention shes receiving from the doctor. The doctor also seeems to be happy of doing properly her job.
    The two photos shows us happy people although they are in very different situations.
    Guillem Fernández Gel

  3. In the both pictures we can see people in different situations. The first one shows a couple, they are in their banquet's wedding. They seems to be very happy, in the background there are the guests eating or chatting.In the second one we can see two women, one is a doctor taking care of the second one, who is a old woman. Two women seems to be happy, one for doing well her job and the other one for recieve some love.
    Gerard Castaño Martín.

  4. Both photos there are a happy situation, I can see that in the first photo looks like a wedding, I think that they are just married.
    In the background of the photo I can see a banquet with a lot of people, I think they are eating, speaking and having a good time.
    In the second photo I can see a doctor that is taking care a old woman.
    BY: A.Romero
    The old man in spite of the situation I think she is happy and I think she is feeling confortable.

  5. In the first picture we can see a marriage banquet, in which the proud and the pride are taking a photo. They seem to be very happy. In the second picture we can see an old women and a young doctor who is looking after her. Probably, the old women is sick, but she seems to be happy and calm because she knows he is in good hands.
    We can see in both pictures, although they are in very different situations, the hapiness of those people.

  6. Both fotos show very different situations. The first photo seems to be a wedding. In the foreground we can see the groom and the bride looking at the camera and smiling. I get the impression they are very happy cause probably they have just married. It seems to be the banquet, because in the background there are many people eating at a restaurant and having fun. In the second picture we can see two women, a doctor attending an old woman in a bed. She seems to be sick and in hospital. She looks comfortable and happy although the situation, the doctor is also smiling attending her pacient. Both pictures show people very happy.

    José Mª Moreno

  7. The two photos are quite different, the first photo, that is at the bottom, shows you a marriage,; in the foreground we can see two grooms, they might be the two just married, in the backround we can see lot of people, they are in a kind of restaurant.
    In the second photo, which is in the bottom, we can see an old woman thats is visiting by a nurse, in the backround its seems to be a curtain, and in the middle there is a bed, so we can say that this woman is in a hospital. Víctor Cascales Jiménez

  8. There are two pictures. In the first one we can see in a banquet a one young couple. They are smailed and they are in the foreground of the photo. In the backgroun there was the people who was eating. all of the people who appears in the photo was very happy.
    In the second one we can see a hospital room. there are a doctor with a old woman. She was served and she was very happy and confortable and I think that she was very quiet with her doctor.

    Alejandro Gomez

  9. There a two pictures. In the first picture, I can see two young people in a wedding that they has just been married.Also I can see a delicious bamquet in the background They are happy because I think that the fresh marriage love each. In the second picture, I can see a doctor that she look after a old woman in a hospital. The old woman is happy and confortable. In two different situations, their fellings are similar. Jordi Vergaray Morán

  10. In the first photo we can see a couple of young people tha seems to be married, they are in the banquet. They look very happy to be at the banquet celebrating their wedding with family, friends and others. They are loooking to the camera while the rest of the guests are eating and enjoying the party.
    In the second photo we can see a very different picture, we can see a lady in the bed of a hospital,although he is very eder he seems to be happy because is been attended by a good doctor.

    Joan Heredia Muñoz

  11. In the first photo we can see a young couple, who probably have just married and they want to share their happiness with their family and friends.

    In the second picture we can see an elder woman who is being checked by a nurse. Although she might be ill, she seems to be very happy and grateful.

    Alex Caparrós Amigo

  12. The picture on the top shows a young couple whao might have just married and are celebrating the banquette. They are being taken a picture and in the background , the people who have been invited, the gusts, are sitting at their table and some could be eating while others are chatting.
    The picture at the botton shows an old lady in a hospital or residence being checked by a doctor or nurse.
    The couple in the first pictures feels very happy as we can see for the big smile and now they might feel lees nervous than when they were in the ceremony.çThe old woman, although being in a hospital, looks happy and relax . Her face shows peace and confident on the person who is taking care of her.

  13. In the first picture I can see a couple were there are some people eating or taling at the background and two persons at the foreground that are feeling very happy because maybe they are just married whereas in the second picture
    I can see a doctor checking a old women that maybe she is ill, but she feels gratefull to the doctor.

    Gerard Ortega Añel


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