Friday, 26 March 2010


Use the word given to complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence. Use between two and five words altogether.

a) I had to brush my teeth because my parents said so. MADE
My parents ____________________________________ my teeth.

b) Paula’s brother is a musician and she goes to lots of concerts. WHOSE
Paula ______________________________ goes to lots of concerts.

c) The bus was very late and it was also full up. WHICH
The bus ________________________________ was also full up.

d) I first met my boyfriend on January 1st. WHEN
January 1st ________________________________ my boyfriend.

e) As a child, i wasn’t allowed to watch that programme. LET
As a child, my parents _____________________________ that programme.

f) I want to go to London one day. WHERE
London is a place _________________________________ one day.

g) Joe’s parents didn’t let him go to the cinema until he had tidied his room. MAKE
Joe’s parents _______________________ his room before he went to the cinema.

h) It wasn’t necessary to cut the grass. NEED
They ____________________________________________ cut the grass.

i) I couldn’t sleep because the traffic noise was very loud. SO
The traffic noise ___________________________________ I couldn’t sleep.

j)The chair was so uncomfortable that nobody wanted to sit in it. SUCH
It was _________________________________ nobody wanted to sit in it.

k) It was not a good idea to go home so early. SHOULD
We _____________________________________ home so early.

l) That was the best I’ve ever seen him play in this team. SO
I’ve never seen _____________________________________ in this team.

m) It’s possible that they had an accident on the way here. MIGHT
They ________________________________________ an accident on the way here.

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